As a modern school, opportunities for excellence are increased in an environment where individuality and self-expression are valued. Engaging with the the 21st century, demands technological literacy, familiarity with major issues that are emerging, as well as the resilience and optimism to believe in our combined efficacy to manage them. With an emphasis on egalitarianism, females and males are engaged equally in all aspects of school life.  We uphold the principles of democracy and multiculturalism while fostering within our students a strong Australian identity and a deep and abiding love for the land and State of Israel.


As a thinking school, we challenge our students to know and understand both themselves and their place in the environment. Guided by the principles of social justice, we value the contributions of   every member of the school community. In pursuit of excellence, our programs are designed to engage the whole student as we believe that together with academic pursuits, creativity, imagination and resilience are fundamental tools for tomorrow’s leaders.


As a Progressive Jewish school, Jewish values are at the core of our being. Students have rich opportunities to express values through learning Jewish tradition and observing mitzvoth. Our students are encouraged to openly explore and question their connection to history and heritage in an environment that challenges them to make personal choices through shared learning and meaningful experiences.

Our Vision

The King David School is a Progressive Jewish school established on the principles of inclusion, egalitarianism and social justice.  It is committed to engendering within its students a love of learning, a deep and abiding sense of community, a strong and proud Australian identity and a close and meaningful relationship with the Land and State of Israel.

Mission Statement

The King David School exists to provide both excellence and opportunity in education.  It will foster the development of each individual student in its care paying careful attention and respect to his or her unique needs, abilities and aspirations.  It will fulfil its goals with reference and respect to the contemporary Australian society within which it is so fortunate to exist:

  • through the provision of an educational environment that is at all times challenging, nurturing and appropriate to the needs of its students
  • through the provision of an environment that promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of children with diverse needs and/or backgrounds, and protects them from abuse, harm, neglect, and the threat of harm.
  • through engaging and innovative co-curricular activities
  • through close, active and practical engagement in Jewish communal activities, social justice programs and interfaith initiatives

The King David School will strive:

    • to be recognised as a provider of educational outcomes which are second to none
    • to deliver the highest possible standards of facilities and resources for the benefit of its students and the broader community
    • to maintain a strong community profile and to support both the Jewish and the Australian communities within which it operates
    • to develop strategic educational partnerships which will benefit students, staff and the broader school community
    • to achieve its goals within a secure and responsible fiscal framework
    • to resolutely and consistently focus on the responsibility to nurture, develop and indeed cherish each unique and exceptional child which the School has been created to serve and which it has the privilege  to serve.