A Cultural Experience in Kinder

This week we celebrated India Day in Kinder in support of the annual fundraiser the Senior School has hosted for the ‘Sewing the Seeds’, a women’s empowerment initiative in India. The children participated in many different activities, starting with making roti bread. The children took turns mixing the flour and water to make a dough. Then they each flattened out their roti to cook in the pan. It was delicious!

Each class also participated in making sand art mandalas. These small ...

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Pesach at the Pre-School

The story of Pesach and the gift of freedom is celebrated by the Jewish people.

At the Pre-School we encourage the freedom of creative thinking while exploring all areas of development as we investigate the process of learning. As Moses led the Jews to freedom in the story of Pesach, we as educators encourage each child to analyze, evaluate and put into practice all the tools they have learnt into their everyday life to lead a respectful, compassionate and loving ...

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Gan Rimon ‘Around the World’ Concert

This year Gan Rimon spent a lot of time discussing different countries and their cultures. Alongside this learning, we also journeyed through the Jewish year of Chaggim.

We discussed how in each country they speak different languages and that even though there are many different cultures, we are actually all very similar.

The children also appreciated the fact that Jewish people around the world celebrate the same festivals and sing the same songs.

Our Concert showcased songs from various countries as well as ...

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