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Year 8 Indigenous Experience in Jabiru

Year 8 students had an incredibly enriching camp experience, travelling to the Kakadu and Jabiru areas in the Northern Territory. Students participated in four learning streams designed to provide learning in arts, technology, sport and the environment. The program also provided a cultural exchange opportunity with the Mirarr students through engagement across all these learnings, both at the Jabiru Area School and the Djidbidjidbi College. To watch a video from the camp, please click HERE. Below is a student ...

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Year 8 Students Tackle Kokoda Trail

As part of the students preparation for the upcoming Year 8 camp, a selected group of student tackled the Kokoda Trail at Ferntree Gully on Thursday. The walk entails the grueling ‘1000 steps’ up to One Tree Hill which was done in light drizzle for most of the walk. The students were given an understanding of the need for teamwork and support to get the most out of the group. On reaching the top we had a light snack before ...

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Reflecting on Year 9 Camp Visit

I have just returned from a wonderful visit to the Yr 9 New Horizons Camp at Charnwood. Upon arriving I joined the half of the group that were undertaking a canoe trip across Lake Nillahcootie. The students were in great spirits and spoke glowingly of their experiences so far.

The lake has receded significantly in recent years which meant that we faced a genuine quagmire as we tried to exit the lake in knee deep mud. It was a great ...

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Year 7 Orientation Camp

The Year 7 Orientation Camp at Phillip Island included fun activities including surfing, body boarding and bike riding. The students also learned about each other, for instance who likes dinosaurs, who plays for AJAX, recent holidays etc. These conversations encouraged deeper connections with each other.
Most people think that camp is all about bonding and making new friends; and having fun. But truly, camp is also a time to relax with your friends, doing fun activities that make camp, ...

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Year 5 Camp at Gilwell Park

The taste and smell of mud was revolting yet I knew I couldn’t stop crawling through and risk letting my team down. So, I kept moving the mud as fast as I could. My hands felt wet leaves and twigs. It felt squishy and thankfully, wasn’t as deep as it looked. The threatening cage above me was low and made me keep my head lowered, close to the stench.
-David Eikelis

The Gauntlet
Painting, running, skipping, jogging I must complete the ...

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Year 8 Camp – Accomplishing Goals Through Teamwork

Year 8 camp at the gold mining town of Walhalla was a fantastic experience with the ‘Hall Outdoor Education’ staff members, School staff and Year 8 students. We did many activities over the five days such as, mountain bike riding, hiking, and even white water rafting. Group three, which I was part of had many highs and lows over the camp, but I feel the challenges we faced made all the different people in our group stronger, ...
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Year 7 Camp

As I saw my friends trudge back from the overnight hike, I knew what I was in for. Mud was smeared over their face, leggings were ripped and facial expressions were priceless. I ran up to my friends, although we had only been separated for one night, it felt like a lifetime. Soon enough we once again had to separate as it was my group’s turn. We took our massive backpacks and headed to our rooms to pack. I knew ...

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Year 10 Snow Camp

Recently, 54 intrepid Year 10 students and 7 staff King David School took over Mt Buller for a glorious week as part of the Year 10 Snow Camp. With many students seeing the snow for the first time the wonder and awe as snowflakes fell down was heard across the mountain.

Each day students had to put on the layers to keep them warm which created a battle within the drying room to find your gear, check that you had your ...

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Year 9 Camp – Update

I recently had the great pleasure of spending time with our Year 9 cohort on their Expanding Horizons camp near the Strathbogie Ranges in country Victoria.

I was fortunate to spend my time primarily with the same camp group. As I arrived, I was handed a rucksack and a tent and before long was hiking out of the gate with an excited group of students. Campout 101 gave us an opportunity to refresh our hard-earned camping skills from Year 8 Survival ...

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Year 7 Orientation Camp

Last Friday,  Year 7 students started the new school year by travelling to Phillip Island with their teachers, to spend a weekend getting to know each other at the Year 7 Orientation Camp. Below are recounts from 2 students who attended the Camp.
I had a lot of fun on Orientation Camp. My favourite experience was body boarding because I love the sea and catching waves. It was a lot of fun finding out about the new students and ...

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