Kabbalat Torah – Expressing Jewish Identity

Tuesday evening was a wonderfully creative celebration of our Year 7 students and their challenge to become part of a community.

Over the last 14 weeks, each Year 7 students worked as part of a group to create a project that expressed the collective Jewish identity of their cohort. Students elected to work in one modality of personal interest: drama, dance, photography, public speaking, cooking, sport, music, technology, art, tzeddakah and more. Meeting every two weeks, with the guidance of a ...

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Yom Rabin Seminars

Last Saturday marked 22 years since the tragic assassination of Israeli PM Yitzchak Rabin. Rabin’s life was ended barely a year after signing a peace agreement with Jordan, and during the peak of his government’s Oslo peace process with the Palestinians.

Rabin’s assassination was a key moment in the narrative of the Jewish people both in the diaspora and in Israel. It is important that our students understand who Rabin was, what he achieved and the effects of his assassination on ...

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Kabbalat Dorot – Celebrating Family Heritage

If students are to feel safe living in a world made up of so many varieties of people and cultures, they need to feel comfortable and safe with their own Jewish identity.

Kabbalat Dorot is a celebration of each person’s family heritage and one critical step along the pathway of students being able to articulate how being Jewish matters to them. Year 6 students spent months interviewing family members, researching artefacts, exploring family migration stories, discovering branches and details of ...

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Kabbalat Siddur – Connecting to Something Bigger

Kabbalat Siddur was a personal celebration of our Year 2s growing older and achieving new Jewish heights.

Each major Jewish milestone at KDS is marked by a Kabbalah ceremony. The theme of Kabbalat Siddur is “Connecting to Something Bigger”. Each week, the Prep to Year 2 students are immersed in the music and words of Jewish prayer. As they move towards Year 3, they receive their first professionally published Siddur. This Siddur connects them to other KDS students, to Jews in ...

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Prep to Year 2 Students Welcome in Shabbat with Family

The words of Lecha Dodi sang out across the Junior School as Prep to Year 2 students shared their weekly Shabbat celebrations with adoring grandparents and special friends. Prep students have learned a great deal about Shabbat this year so far and included a reflection on ” why I love Shabbat” today. Year 1 students demonstrated their knowledge of Mitzvot with a focus on how to give Tzedakah and what Shabbat should feel like. Year 2 shared their exceptional ...

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A Meaningful Lag B’Omer

Lag B’Omer – the thirty-third day of the Omer. This holiday commemorates the day a plague ended in which thousands of Rabbi Akiba’s students died. Rabbi Akiba helped to teach the Jewish people the right way to be friendly, kind and caring. The warmth and light Rabbi Akiba offered to the people is why we celebrate with the warmth and light of the bonfire. The Omer (from Pesach to Shavuot) is traditionally observed as a period of mourning. However, the ...

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Weaving a Basket for Moses

This week in Kindergarten, we have been preparing the children for Pesach, learning all about Moshe and his story. We know that Moshe’s mother weaved him a special basket out of the reeds by the river Nile to keep him safe on his journey down the river. On Thursday, we worked with Adrienne, a special basket weaver, to make our own Moshe basket. Adrienne has spent 12 years in the Northen Territory mastering her craft as well as working with ...

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Rosh Chodesh Nisan

This past week, students celebrated Rosh Chodesh Nisan, the beginning of the Hebrew month of Nisan in which Pesach falls. To mark the day, Junior School students participated in a range of fun Pesach- themed activities, including an arts and crafts activity where they made their own “Moshe BaTeva” (baby Moshe in his basket) and sang Seder songs. Throughout this month we will be conducting a range of Pre- Pesach informal Jewish activities at lunchtime and during Jewish Studies classes. ...

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Chag Purim Sameach!

Today marks another special occasion on the Jewish calendar, Chag Purim (the festival of Purim). Purim commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia and is, therefore, a time to rejoice and be merry. The day is typically celebrated by reading the story of Purim from Megillat Esther (the scroll/book of Esther), dressing up in costume, playing fun games and eating delicious foods including oznei haman.

In the Junior School, we began with our traditional Purim parade where the ...

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Junior Kinder Read the Megillah

In Junior Kindergarten, we have become very excited about Purim and it is getting closer and closer to our Kinder Purim party. As part of our preparation we have been baking oznei Haman (hamantashen), decorating the Kinder rooms with lots of balloons and streamers and listening to the story of Purim. This week, we had a super special experience as all three classes welcomed Rabbi Shneur, Mihal and Shannyn to sing, dance and listen to the Megillah. We have learnt ...

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